Clinical Magnetoencephalography

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My Motivation

Although there are lots of MEG studies in epilepsy, many people keep trying to set up similar projects. This seems to cause a severe delay in the progress of the research field. I would simply like to collect my own reviews of published information (NOT publications themselves) so that I can easily check what was done in my daily conversation with my colleagues, by searching my own site online.

The other thing I am trying here is to provide some evidence of clinical MEG experiences. Despite massive amount of daily clinical MEG practice, there are still some entities, such as several insurance companies, which consider MEG as “experimental”. I will demonstrate here that such thoughts are baseless, even against the facts.

My Collection

Along with my purpose above, I am referring only Methods and Results. No thoughts, concepts and limitations, including discussions on what had not even investigated in the study, do not appear. All contents are summarized and reorganized based on my own view, which could be different from the authors’. The number of subjects, types of MEG devices, IEEG and surgery information (if any) are always included.

My collection contains clinical MEG studies in epilepsy. I may also include some technical papers, such as an introduction of new analysis of epileptic spikes, but not always. Methodological studies without any real subjects will not appear in the collection.

My Indicators

There are two indicators at the top of this page – The number of publication and patients. The latter is not a precise count, while I am not sure how to count them precisely. Some subjects may be included in multiple studies that focus on different purposes. I have even found similar subjects in similar papers from the same authors published in a short term. In such case, I will omit these subjects on my own decision.

I will not score, rank, evaluate the value of each paper. I don’t think it’s useful, unless the criteria are clearly defined. My personal comments may be shown instead.

My drawings and pictures

All of the illustrations and pictures regarding each publication are my own, not obtained from any other sources.


Only this top page is open for availability (of mine). Child pages linked here are all locked. This is my personal collection, which is NOT open for public. (That is why you never see a word “you” on this page above.)