Harvard Yard Historic District

Austin Hall

Memorial Hall

Massachusetts Hall

University Hall

Sever Hall

Harvard Square Historic District

Harvard Square Subway Kiosk

Anna Day House


Alewife Brook Parkway

Cambridge Home for the Aged and Infirm

Hiram Sands House

The Stanstead

Stickney-Shepard House

Old Cambridge Baptist Church

Ware Hall

Albert Vinal House

Isaac Melvin House

Opposition House

Cheney Read House

River Street Firehouse

Memorial Drive Apartments Historic District

Conventual Church of St Mary and St John

B B Chemical Company

Fort Washington

Central Square Historic District

Christ the King Presbyterian Church

Wyeth Smith House

Fresh Pond Hotel

Hooper-Eliot House

The Lowell

Joseph Holmes House

Josiah Coolidge House

Sarah Orne House

John Wyeth House

The Larches


J A Noyes House

Hubbard Park Historic District

Aaron Hill House

Homer Lovell House

John Aborn House

Lawrence Soule House

Chester Kingsley House

St John the Evangelist Church

Greek Revival Cottage

Kidder-Sargent-McCrehan House

Abraham Watson House

Wyeth Brickyard Superintendent’s House

Elizabeth Frost Tenanthouse

David Frost House

J A Wood House

Stillman Willis House

Walter Frost House

Walden Street Cattle Pass

W A Mason House

Patrick Slowey House

Avon Hill Historic District

DeRosay-McNamee House

Porcellian Club

Berkeley Street Historic District

William Dean Howells House

Bennink Douglas Cottages

Bertram Hall

Grace Hopkinson Eliot Hall

E H Brabrook House

Buildings at 15-17 Lee Street

George Gale House

Clifton Merriman Post Office Building

Odd Fellows Hall

Norfolk Street Historic District

Urban Rowhouse

Andrew Newman House

Edmund Reardon House

Hastings Square Historic District

Shell Oil Company Spectacular Sign

Ernst Flentje House

First Baptist Church

Upper Magazine Street Historic District

Valentine Soap Workers Cottages

Asa Ellis House

Salem-Auburn Streets Historic District

F A Kennedy Steam Bakery

New England Confectionery Company Factory

Old Cambridgeport Historic District

Margaret Fuller House

Arthur D Little Inc Building

Divinity Hall

Deane Williams House

Shady Hill Historic District

Sara Foster Colburn House

Maple Avenue Historic District

Isaac Fay House

Inman Square Historic District

Maria Baldwin House

Ivory Sands House

James B Barnes House

Beth Israel Synagogue

Rufus Lamson House

Josiah Mason Jr House

The Jarvis

Building at 1715-1717 Cambridge Street

Building at 1707-1709 Cambridge Street

Francis J Child House

E E Cummings House

William Morris Davis House

Joseph Lovering House

Luther Brooks House

Kirkland Place Historic District

University Museum

Treadwell Sparks House

Athenaeum Press

Blake and Knowles Steam Pump Company National Register District

Bottle House Block

American Net and Twine Company Factory

Benjamin Hoyt House

Sacred Heart Church, Rectory, School and Convent

Winter Street Historic District

Lechmere Point Corporation Houses

East Cambridge Historic District

East Cambridge Savings Bank

Union Railway Car Barn

The Montrose

The Dunvegan

Garfield Street Historic District

William Saunders House

Peabody-Court Apartments

Cooper–Frost–Austin House

North Avenue Congregational Church

Lovell Block

St James Episcopal Church

Frederick Billings House

Henderson Carriage Repository

Alpheus Mead House

Isaac McLean House

Church of the New Jerusalem

Fogg Museum

R H Farwell House

Dana-Palmer House

Harvard Union

Sears Tower Harvard Observatory

Taylor Square Firehouse

Hall Tavern

Gray Gardens East and West Historic District

Asa Gray House

H Langford Warren House

S B Withey House

Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts

Littlefield Roberts House

Beck Warren House

Hasty Pudding Club

Mount Auburn Cemetery Reception House

Mount Auburn Cemetery

Building at 259 Mount Auburn Street

Ash Street Historic District

Craigie Arms

Harvard Houses Historic District

Harvard Lampoon Building

Reversible Collar Company Building

Edwin Abbot House

Second Waterhouse House

Building at 10 Follen Street

Theodore W Richards House


Christ Church

Cambridge Common Historic District

Reginald A Daly House

Col Thomas Wentworth Higginson House

Percy W Bridgman House

George D Birkhoff House

Edward Dodge House

Lowell School

William Cook House

Howe House

Hooper Lee Nichols House

Longfellow House Washington’s Headquarters National Historic Site

Oliver Hastings House

Mary Fiske Stoughton House

Brattle Hall

Dexter Pratt House

William Brattle House

Richard Hapgood House

William F Bradbury House

Harvard Street Historic District

William R Jones House

Ephraim Atwood House

Building at 104–106 Hancock Street

Cambridge Public Library

George Close Company Building

Buildings at 110–112 Inman Street

Building at 106–108 Inman Street

Building at 102–104 Inman Street

Bigelow Street Historic District

City Hall Historic District